Bibles Passed out 143!
I will pass out 7 each Week!!
Thank you to all who have sent Bibles so far!

My Goal is to collect and distribute 365 One or Two Year Bibles to people in need.

My plans are to hand out 7 Bibles out each week in my local hospitals…in 52 weeks that would be 365 Bibles. I plan to distribute these One and Two Year Bibles in ICU waiting rooms so that people in distress will have a reminder that God is with them. A One Year or Two Year Bible will give them a place to start… and my desire is that they will carry this Bible home with them and keep reading it day in and day out… that this place to start will put them in God’s Word each and every day. That they will feel the love and hope and peace that God gives. My wish is that their One Year Bible will give them a plan that changes their life as much as my One Year Bible has changed my life.

To do this I need your help! I am asking for donations of new or used One Year or Two Year Bibles. Look around your home, ask your friends, go online and find a good used One Year or Two Year Bible and send it to

365 Bibles a Year

C/O Jeannie Phillips

2177 Broughton Spring Road

Southside, Al 35907


Purchace a One or Two Year Bible.. or find a used one you have.. collect them from your friends and pass them out to your local hospital. Then let me know how many Bibles you have given a way and I can your Bibles to our count and we together can reach the goal of 365 Bibles!!

Thank you so much! May God send blessing to you!

I will be posting something that you can print and add to your Bible that explains our mission.

e-mail me @ 365bibles@gmail.com

I would love it if you included in your Bible a letter about why you chose to join this quest so that your story inspires the person that picks up their Bible and gives them hope.

I plan to use this blog as a place to keep track of and share the progress of this mission of love. I would love it if you would get involved with me by sharing just one Bible and then sharing this web page with your friends, or your Church. I hope to eventually be sharing stories of people who received these One and Two Year Bibles on this website as well.

May God Bless you for the contribution that you have chosen to make to further God’s Kingdom.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thank You For The Bibles You Sent!!

Kathleen Nelsen
John-Robert Phillips
Woody Woodfin
Kay Hendrix
Patsy Bocook
Ronald Fine
Kay Hendrix
Joyce A Kokay
Alice Wong
Gary Thompson
Sherill Clontz
Kathleen Nelsen
Robin Goens
Cassandra Davis
Gale Gulusbrooks
Idaho Youth Ranch

I have also received Bibles form the following stores... if you sent these Bibles please email me so I can list your names here!

Zelmo's a Booklover  shipped 6.17.10
Shasta nd the Foo Dog  shipped 6.18.10
Your Online Bookstore  order date  6.6.10
goHastings   Ship Date 6.5.10
Amazon.com/BetterWorldBooks.com order date 6.6.10

Thank you all so much!  I pray for God's Blessings on your lives!...Please know that your contribution will make a difference in somebody's life... it has already made a difference in mine!